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About Modono Glass

     Since its introduction in 2008, many hundreds of designers have described Modono TM Glass as the most beautiful glass they have ever seen. The shifting, rich colors, the "textile" patterns and the shear brilliance defines the look. That look can be bold and extreme, soft and comforting or rich and elegant. It certainly appears that Modono Glass lives up to its mantra as the "most beautiful glass in the world."

     Our designers have taken Modono Glass and developed a distinct product collection. The Modono Glass Tile Collection, made up of glass tiles and panels, was launched in May of 2008.

     The Modono Glass Collection was created by nationally recognized designer Carrie Fazio. Four distinct series make up the Modono Collections: Opulence, Vintage, Extreme and Organic. Opulence, considered the designer series, is a luxurious metallic line with three subtle layers of dynamic textures. Glass in the Vintage, Extreme and Organic series portray an iridescent sheen designed to transmit or reflect specific wave lengths (colors) and will appear to change color as the viewer's perspective to the product changes or the light sources relative to the product change in direction or intensity. Vintage colors and patterns were selected with a Victorian sensibility and 1950s flare, using rich blues, reds and purples for an overall classic feel. Extreme offers a less-subtle color palette, utilizing screaming colors for an active installation, in which the colors move and change based on the lighting even after the product is installed. For the Organic series, Fazio selected natural and organic textures and patterns that are seen in the environment, including bamboo and tree branches. Fazio has created this collection that utilizes varying textures and sizes to bring a radically new design element to both interior and exterior spaces.

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     EMF Corporation EMF was founded in 1936 and was the first company in the United States to provide evaporated metal thin film coatings. Throughout the years EMF continued to expand its business and coating capabilities. A 44,000 square foot facility was constructed in 1987 to better accommodate the growing company. An additional facility at 465 Paul Road in Rochester was added in 2014 to greatly expand large chamber coating capabilities.

     The Modono TM Glass Collection is based on the technology of optical thin film coatings designed to control the transmission, reflection or absorption of specific wavelengths or color. The specific light source, the angle of the light source, the angle of viewing and the texture of the surface will all affect perceived color.