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Color variability, both real and perceived, is an inherent characteristic of dichroics and, as such, a Modono glass tile characteristic. This inherent variability is the result of variation in the manufacturing process, tile pattern orientation, specific glass patterna nd treatment, angle of viewing and light intensity, light source and viewing perspective. It is most apparent when the tiles are used as "field" tiles rather than as accent tiles. Consequently, at a minimum, no design decision should e made without seeing actual samples.

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Color Matching & Seamless Installation

We have reviewed every pattern and provided comments. Where a pattern match is neighter revalent nor possible, we have not commented. Where there is a clear pattern repeat we have provided those dimensions. Where it is obvious that a pattern match may be desirable but unachievable, we have said "no pattern match possible". Where we can approch providing a pattern match, we have said "precise pattern match not offered" and set standard tile sizes that best accomodate the desire to mpattern match. Due to glass production tolerances precise pattern matching is impossible to guarantee. At your discretion contact our customer service representative for custom pattern match possibilities. Due to dimensional and squareness tolerances an absolute seamless application is unlikely.

To find out whether or not a pattern offers pattern match please go to our products page here and hover over "More Information" to find out.

angle 1 angle 2

These photos providea visual perpective of the concept of color variability. The tiles shown are from the same production lot but have been randomly arranged, oriented and photographed from different angles. Many patterns will not exhibit this degree of variability. To assist a designer's desired outcome we will provide orientation arrows on the back of tiles.

Custom Design

In addition to our standard line of color, patterna nd size we are able to consider custom designs. Alternative glass patterns are available. Custom glass patterns are possible. Sizes ranging from 2"x2" to 24"x24" are possible. We can color match on with the Opulence series. FOr other series we will strive to provide a color close to target. The cost for custom designs, both unit and development, will depend on volume. timing and degree of design engineering required.

Ordering Samples

To order samples please visit our sample ordering page here. This part of our site requires you to have an authorization code. If you do not have an authorization code please contact us at or call us at 585-247-6000 ext:608.